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Hello, my name is Lance. I am a recent graphic design graduate from Florida Atlantic University. Check out all of the projects and works I have done up to this point.

Featured Work

La France

LaFrance is a boutique clothing in Tampa, Florida. The goal of my project was to create a rebrand for the company to create higher customer outreach.

Urban Nomad

Urban Nomad is a subscription box design that I created. The box would send monthly transit related items to enthusiasts or people interested in public transit.

Red Rocks Rally

Red Rocks Rally is a campaign design. The campaign was geared towards a fake music and car festival located in Utah. The design was to create fast paced interesting advertising material for viewers to get interested in the event.

Typographic Elements Guide

The typographic elements guide is a book focused in the elements and use of typography. Divided by two sections, the book goes through 50 terms for elements that make up typography.

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